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eFinaX ( e-Finance eXecutive ) Suite

eFinaX ( e-Finance eXecutive ) Suite is a package of web and Java-based financial solutions that provide a flexible and expandable framework, eFinaX is a powerful and fast multiple information processing financial Suite for the business community.

eFinaX Teller System

eFinaX Teller System is Java-based, next-generation host system for financial institutions sales offices. It incorporates over the counter transaction into the institutions comprehensive information system. It transforms a stand-alone computing environment into a dynamic CRM-ready (customer relationship management ** or ** revenue center based. ) concentric system.

eFinaX jPFM

eFinaX jPFM is Java-based personal yet comprehensive finance management solution that performs the full spectrum of financial functions including bank transactions, stock trading, insurance calculations, taxation and retirement planning. eFinaX jPFM identifies all the data unique to an individual to maintain a balance of assets and debts. The product proactively gathers and analyzes information, generates an individual net worth and a strategy to achieve financial freedom. eFinaX jPFM helps charts the optimal solution for your personal finance management.

eFinaX CrossAccount

eFinaX CrossAccount is a comprehensive financial information management system that puts the managing of bank, stock, credit card and insurance information at your fingertips. One-stop online transactions and verification of bank transfers, stock trading and other transactions can be completed quickly and accurately. eFinaX's integration into the financial institution's network and it's screen scrapping function, results in the most comprehensive end-to-end financial product management system available.
eFinaX QuickPad

eFinaX QuickPad stores the user IDs, PIN numbers, credit card, account numbers and personal information and automatically retrieves the required data for the operation being undertaken. It's intelligent Auto Fill-in/Auto Log-in functions simplifies your interaction with the system.
eFinaX Trade Pack

eFinaX Trade Pack delivers to the desktop both custom and general stock market information and prices. Online trading can take place instantaneously once a stock has been identified. Real-time market data push, a data streaming function and graphical charts provide the strategic resources for institutional investors as well as professional investment service providers.
eFinaX Banking Pack

eFinaX Banking Pack is a Java-based next generation Internet banking solution that integrates personal financal management and banking services for corporate clients. eFinaX Banking Pack is fully integrated with the eFinaX Card Pack resulting in a comprehensive financial computing environment.
eFinaX Card Pack

eFinaX Card Pack is a Java-based Internet card solution both for individual and corporate clients. The eFinaX Card Pack solution includes corporate purchasing, sales card, web card terminal software and virtual card functions.
☞ Environment
  Client Server
OS Windows 95/98/2000, WindowsNT, Linux, Macintosh, UNIX UNIX
Browser MS Internet Explorer 4.01 or above
(JVM3.1.6.7 or above),
Netscape Communicator 4.5 or above
(JVM이 jdk1.1.5 or above)
Not Applicable.
Development Environment Internet Explorer : MS SDK3.2, JDK 1.1.7b
Netscape Communicator : JDK 1.1.7b
(AIX,Linux,Solaris,HP, etc)
Development Language Java, JavaScript C
Size of Run-time Program Internet Explorer : 100~150 Kbyte(cab format)
Netscape Communicator : 200~300 Kbyte(jar format)
45 ~ 120Kbyte
Signing Key VeriSign or other CA Not Applicable.
Communication Protocol Socket connection for server push and TICK chart(optional)
HTTP connection
HTTPS connection for trading